By Investigative Journalist John Burt Caylor

                           Updated from old version which was a Lie promoted by Madsen

                                                          @ copyright Updated 12/08/2016

Vladimir Puntin’s and Russia’s Wayne Madsen

Former (NSA) employee - Daily live news anchor.


Alex Jones Partner – Madsen-Outed in “Disinformation-Fake News Propaganda” paid for by Putin to Create a Mafia-State in U.S.

Wayne Madsen has shown his True-Identity-Colors, Allegiance to Communism and Russia.

Former National Security Agency employee and Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen befriended me back in 2005. It is now apparent, Madsen’s friendship with me as a co-author in several investigative stories was to learn of new intelligence information I had uncovered.

Madsen’s influence and collaboration with Alex Jones to publish false news stories about Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama  after I published a story involving the PLA’s (Peoples Liberation Army) infiltration of NASA with IT contracts alleged criminal activity of Jeb and George Bush suspected of taking payoffs from a Russian Mafia linked company “Aztec Environmental, Inc.

Both Bush brothers secured National Aeronautical Space Administration IT contracts to Yang Enterprise’s, a firm that employed a (PLA) spy Henry Nee who illegally exported chips from the Cruise Missile to Beijing University.

In related cases USAF Investigator Raymond Lemme was murdered along with 2 United States Attorney’s, John David Atchinson and Michael Edward Runyon both were murdered then ruled as suicide. Runyon of Tampa was offed the same weekend as John David Atchinson of Pensacola, FL.

Madsen’s grandmother was deported from the United States by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover for being a leader of a Foreign Communist Party.

Based upon personal evidence and knowledge I believe Madsen is a loyal supporter and participant of the planned 2nd October Communist Revolution. The new Communist Revolution was outlined and forecasted by KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn in 1961.

Golitsyn  has forecasted major intelligence and political events of the former Soviet Union with a 93% accuracy rate in memos to the CIA. He correctly foretold of the 2016 election and takeover of the United States and world non-Communists states by a figure like Donald Trump.

Golitsyn’s  2 books, New Lies for Old, The Perestroika Deception outlined Communism’s deceptive plan to suddenly falsely, collapse then remerge inside America’s and Western governments from within courts and intelligence agencies.

Wayne and I ceased to speak after I imposed a stay at his mobile home in Brandon, Florida during the First Ukraine Crisis that Paul Manafort managed for Vladimir Putin. During that crisis, which caused many deaths and violence in Ukraine, Madsen and Alex Jones worked together to portray the Dem He has been working with Alex Jones and apparently on the payroll of Russian FSB Intelligence for many years. His loyalty lies to Communist Russia and he helped Donald Trump and Russia to overthrow America and turn it into a Mafia State much like current Russia a Kleptocracy where thieves and murders control the corrupt government.