Disgraced-Resigned Federal Judge Mark Fuller


From 1985 to 1996, Fuller was a private attorney in Enterprise with the law firm Cassady, Fuller & Marsh. One of Fuller's clients was a company called Parker Brown Refueling Company of Enterprise. In 1989, Parker Brown Refueling Company was bought by investors in Colorado Springs and the company became known as Doss Aviation. The Brown in Parker Brown Refueling was the former mayor of Enterprise, M. N. "Jug" Brown whose son Tim Brown was U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee member Howell Heffiln's top Alabama aide. prior to serving in the U.S. Senate Hefflin was a former Alabama Supreme Court Justice. The Cassady in Cassady, Fuller & Marsh, according to Caylor was Joe Cassady, a major stockholder and board member of Doss Aviation as well as Fuller's law partner.

For a short time, Parker Brown Refueling maintained its headquarters in a small warehouse some 500 feet across from 407 Boll Weevil Circle in Enterprise, Alabama. The 407 address was the home of the late Enterprise Police Chief Henry Caylor, who, according to his son investigative journalist and former FBI operative for the VANPAC investigation John Caylor, was closely linked to Parker Brown Aviation and the CIA's drug and weapons smuggling operations based in Enterprise. It was while she lived at the 407 address when Caylor's mother Nellie Ruth Caylor was brutally bludgeoned to death August 3, 2006 at an apartment house she owned in Enterprise, in what Caylor believed to be another warning for him to cease talking and writing about The Enterprise's activities.

According to Caylor, FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Mobile office Debra K. Mack, opened a RICO murder investigation into the death of Mrs. Caylor but suddenly retired from the FBI after relaying to Caylor in early 2009 that there were arrests pending and the case went into a black hole with Mack's unexpected departure. Mack was the first African-American female to head the FBI's Mobile office and only the second black female to head an FBI field office anywhere. Since Mack's sudden departure, Caylor claims that every federal and state judge in Alabama, as well as federal and state prosecutors, have been bought off to ensure the continued secrecy of the drug and weapons smuggling operations in the South going back at least 45 years. Mack was replaced by Tim Fuhrman of the F.B.I.'s Counter-Intelligence Division. Prior to his Mobile appointment Fuhrman was Supervisory agent in charge of the F.B.I.'s Salt Lake City office. Fuhrman represented the F.B.I. in the Valerie Plame CIA outing case. Fuhrman is now employed as an Assistant Alabama Attorney General.

Fuller continued to hold a major stake in Doss Aviation which, among other federal business, has the contract to refuel Air Force One. Fuller sold his shares in the firm to J.F. Lehman & Co. of New York, a private equity group with offices in Arlington, Virginia and London, on December 22, 2011.

WMR has learned that Siegelman, as Attorney General, was well-aware of Doss Aviation's dealings and Fuller's role in the firm. In 1996, Republican Governor Fob James appointed Fuller as the Chief Assistant District Attorney for the 12th Judicial Circuit of Alabama and later that year he was elected District Attorney for the 12th Circuit. In 2002, President George W. Bush nominated Fuller as a federal judge for the Middle District of Alabama in Montgomery.

Twenty days before he was nominated by George W. Bush for the U.S. Court for the Middle District of Alabama and while still serving as the District Attorney for the 12th Judicial Circuit, Fuller resigned as the registered agent for the Industrial Development Group (IDG), the Georgia-incorporated U.S. subsidiary of the Industrial Development Bank (IDB) of Israel. Fuller maintained his registered agent status under the aegis of his law firm in Enterprise. A source involved in the investigation of IDG claims that IDG and IDB were involved in the laundering of off-the-books money sent to Israel from the United States.

Fuller was nominated by Bush on August 1, 2002. On August 21, 2002, Ha'aretz reported that IDB, half owned by the government of Israel and the other half owned by Bank Leumi, Bank Hapoalim, and the Israel Discount Bank, announced that it expected to post a NIS 100 million second quarter loss, far short of the minimum capital ratio required by the Central Bank of Israel. In the bank's 2006 United States Securities and Exchange Commission's filings it told the commission it would cease operations on August 1, 2008.

The same month President George Bush announced the pending 2009 national Financial collapse causing John McCain and Barrack Obama to cancel campaign plans to work on the Wall Street and bank Bailouts in an effort to thwart the current national Recession-Depression.

Click Here for S.E.C. statement. http://insider-magazine.com/Fuller_Isreal_SEC.html

Backed by Alabamaís two Republican senators, Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions, Fuller received a once-over-lightly confirmation hearing led by Judiciary Committee Chairman Pat Leahy (D-VT). Neither Leahy nor any other senator asked Fuller a single question about his Doss work. Remarkably, Leahy did not even ask how Fuller could be a full-time state prosecutor for the State of Alabama from 1996 until 2002 -- and also be CEO of Doss, which is based in Colorado.


As district attorney and federal judge, Fuller has been entrusted by the CIA to ensure that the illegal operations involving the agency's drug and weapons smuggling operations remain a secret. In addition, Fuller has ensured that anyone who is believed to be a threat to the secrecy of the operation, is dealt with harshly and that includes the Attorney General who first caught wind of the Enterprise operation, Siegelman. Don Siegelman was also the one-time law partner of assassinated Judge Vance.

WMR's sources also revealed that Fuller was a major participant in the cover-up of the assassination of Siegelman's former law partner, Judge Vance. Grice was a convicted arms smuggler who worked at Fort Rucker, Alabama as a supply supervisor. Grice was convicted of smuggling of advanced avionics systems to Israel in the 1960s -- a plot that was overseen by then-Alabama Republican Congressman William Dickinson. Caylor's father's first cousin and Grice took the fall for Dickinson after stealing and selling Israel avionics (Radar) for their fighter planes ensuring victory in the 1967 War.


Caylor believes that the "Parker" in Parker Brown Refueling Company was Lt. Gen. Ellis D. Parker, who was the Commanding General of the Aviation Center at Fort Rucker at the height of the Iran-contra scandal in the mid-1980's. In the 1980s and early 90's the Lyster Army Hospital at Fort Rucker, was a part of the chain of command that included the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity at Fort Detrick in Maryland, was involved in the smuggling of medical supplies to Saddam Hussein in Iraq. A source told WMR that, in a perhaps related activity, Fort Rucker was involved in the smuggling of deadly nerve gas agents to Iraq before Desert Storm. The actual nerve agents, which were installed in missile warheads and were designed to be mixed with alcohol prior to impact to create the fatal nerve gas, had originated at the Pine Bluff Army Arsenal in Arkansas.

U.S. Army photograph showing Parker (left) presenting the Parker Award at Fort Rucker on Jan. 25, 2012.

Grice a former supply supervisor at Fort Rucker, Alabama in the 50's and 70's served in federal prison in Atlanta with Moody, who had been convicted in a previous bomb plot. The Grice and Moody struck up a prison friendship as jail house lawyers with convicted armored car robber Doyle Ray Henderson, a member of the Aryan Brotherhood. The Brotherhood's Hayden Lake, Idaho headquarters was, according to our sources, close to training camps used by the CIA.


Moody became the designated fall guy for the VANPAC case when it was discovered that taught Grice and Henderson in prison how to use his design for mail bombs. Although Henderson and Grice were both called to testify about VANPAC in Birmingham, the wider conspiracy to murder federal judges -- a conspiracy that would lead from Grice and Henderson to the White House -- was never pursued by the Justice Department or FBI, which were under great political pressure to simply get a conviction of Moody, which was accomplished, thanks to Freeh.


It turns out that the FBI team investigating VANPAC set up shop in the vacant Citizen's Bank building in Enterprise, Alabama. The bank, according to Caylor, was intimately involved in the money laundering activities of Parker Brown Refueling and Doss Aviation and that the accountants of Barr, Brunson & Bowden, which helped cook the books for the firms and the banks based in Enterprise, including Doss Aviation, Parker Brown Refueling, and gambling interests in Alabama, the latter the subject of a recent major bribery investigation by the Justice Department.


Saylorís FBI sources told him at the time of the 1990 VANPAC investigation at Enterprise bugs were later discovered in the Citizen's Bank bank's offices and that the previous occupants still had pass keys to gain entry to the building. Caylor also revealed that at least one of Siegel manís defense Attorney's had a conflict-of-interest owing to his involvement with the activities of the CIA and its fronts, including Parker Brown Refueling, Doss Aviation, Fuller, and VANPAC.


The accountants were, in turn, linked to a firm in Houston, Development Group Inc. (DGI), and another firm, Topsail Development, Ltd. subject of 11 federal money-laundering convictions in the 1992 , all of which were connected to the Bush family and the CIA. Caylor alleges that Herbert Barr the firm's principal and United States Senator Lawton Chiles were given 24 acres of beach front land along with 3 other stockholders of a Florida corporation named Cypress Products to make financial arrangements for the embezzlement of 210 million dollars from Red Hill Savings and Loan in Red Bank New Jersey and 2 Houston banks(DGI) where CIA bagman Robert Corson was the chief officer. Corson committed suicide by shooting himself after the federal court verdicts. Judge Fuller and Barr's son, Brett Bar were one-time law partners at Enterprise and his father Herbert Barr the accounting firm's principal is a director for Fuller's Doss Aviation.


In addition, Fuller, was, while District Attorney for the 12th Circuit of Alabama, for a period of time, the deed holder of the Colonial Bank of Birmingham, Alabama, which, on April 15, 2011, ordered closed as a failed bank by the federal Office of Thrift Supervision. Colonial Bank was organized as the "master bank" to laundry money for "The Enterprise" and is connected to General Bowen Ballard a C.I.A. officer. Caylor also revealed that at least one of Siegelman's defense attorneys had a conflict-of-interest owing to his involvement with the activities of the CIA and its fronts, including Parker Brown Refueling, Doss Aviation, Fuller, and VANPAC.


Summing Up in the history of the United States, relatively few federal judges have been impeached, found guilty by the U.S. Senate, and removed from office. They were, with one exception, John Pickering of the U.S. district court for New Hampshire in 1804, West Humphreys, U.S. Court for the eastern, middle, and western districts of Tennessee in 1862, Robert Archibald of the U.S. Commerce Court in 1913, George English of the U.S. Court for the eastern district of Illinois (resigned before his trial in 1926), Halsted Ritter of the U.S. Court for the southern district of Florida in 1936, Harry Claiborne for the U.S. Court for the district of Nevada in 1986, Alcee Hastings of the U.S. Court for the southern district of Florida in 1989, Walter Nixon of the U.S. Court of the district of Mississippi in 1989, and Thomas Porteous, Jr. of the U.S. court for the district of Louisiana in 2010.


None of these judges were impeached for criminal conspiracy to cover up a murder, let alone conspiring to cover-up the assassination of another member of the federal bench. However, it is clear that to the above list should be added the name Mark E. Fuller, of the U.S. Court for the middle district of Alabama. President Obama should recognize his own contribution to the miscarriage of justice in the Siegelman case .


These include: Obama's failure to fire George W. Bush-appointed U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama Leura Canary and her assistant, Louis Franklin, on January 20, 2009 -- the day Obama was inaugurated. Obama further contributed to the shocking situation by installing Kagan as Solicitor General and later as a member of the Supreme Court. To correct for his own omissions and commissions, Obama should counteract the criminally-tainted decisions of Fuller and issue full and unconditional pardons for Siegelman and Scrushy.