House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers holding hearings on the prosecutorial, as well as White House and federal judicial misconduct and criminal conspiracy in the case of Siegelman.

WMR has obtained records from our colleague John Caylor in Alabama that show Judge Mark E. Fuller, a longtime GOP operative and friend of Rove, was deeply involved in the transport of cocaine and other contraband during the Iran-contra days of the 1980s.

Fuller's name shows up as a corporate officer of Doss Aviation of Colorado Springs, Colorado, a company that has been linked by Caylor, a one time Drug Enforcement Administration operative, to drug smuggling by top GOP official in Alabama and Florida.

1990 Annual Report



  Address...:   DOSS AVIATION INC                                               
                116 S MAIN ST STE 205A                                          
                PO BOX 838                                                      
                ENTERPRISE, AL  36331                                           
Agent As                                                                        
  Reported..:   BARR, BERT                                                      
                SUITE 205A                                                      
                115 S MAIN ST                                                   
                ENTERPRISE, AL  36330                                           
  Of Corp...:   FULLER, MARK E                                                  
                300 CANDLEWOOD DR                                               
                ENTERPRISE, AL  36330                                           
  Of Corp...:   BARR, HERBERT A                                                 
                309 WILLOW DR                                                   
                ENTERPRISE, AL  36330                                           
  Business..:   GOVT CONTRACTING                                                
                116 S MAIN ST STE 205A                                          
                ENTERPRISE, AL  36330                                           
  Business..:   GOVT CONTRACTING                                                
                PO BOX 1393 HWY 59 N                                            
                SHEPHERD, TX  77371                                             
  Number....:   205-347-2626                                                    
  By Revenue:   03-29-1990                                                      

Siegelman served as Alabama's Secretary of State from 1979 to 1987 and as Attorney General from 1987 to 1991. In his roles of registering corporations in Alabama and overseeing criminal investigations by the state, Siegelman had obtained evidence linking Fuller, Bush, and other top Alabama and Florida Republicans to drug trafficking and the beginning of election manipulation in Alabama favoring the GOP. Caylor claims that Mark E. Fuller, listed as Doss official in Montgomery, is the same person as Mark J. Fuller of Enterprise. Judge Mark Fuller's Enterprise residence was 10 Indigo Place. 

Bert Barr, listed as Doss' registered agent, was Fuller's law firm partner in Enterprise. Fuller also inherited Cargo International, another drug running firm, from Wentworth.

Siegelman ran for Governor to go after the GOP mobsters who had bought their way into practically every state office, including the commissions that oversee and regulate dog and horse tracks, real estate, trucking, and business practices.

What we have discovered is that Judge Fuller inherited an extensive aircraft and money laundering network from one Clifford Wentworth who was busted for drug trafficking in the Drug Enforcement Administration's Operation Sunburn in 1981. In a deal worked out between then-Vice President George H. W. Bush, who was in charge of Ronald Reagan's "War on Drugs," Wentworth was sentenced by U.S. Judge for the Northern District of Florida Maurice Paul to 20 years in prison and a $25,000 fine with all but six months suspended. Wentworth, who served his short prison term at Eglin Air Force Base in North Florida, agreed to turn his entire air drug smuggling and money laundering operation over to Barry Seal, a contract CIA pilot, and the business network operated out of Enterprise, Alabama by current U.S. Judge Fuller. Wentworth was then ordered into the federal witness protection program and he continues to provide lucrative real estate and other services for top GOP officials in Florida and elsewhere. Seal was gunned down gangland-style at a halfway house in Baton Rouge after his conviction and agreement to turn state's evidence against the Medellin cartel and his U.S. government handlers, one of whom reportedly included Vice President Bush.

Federal Judge Robert Vance, a Democrat and appointee of President Jimmy Carter, was killed instantly after a letter bomb mailed to his home exploded. Although racist Walter Leroy Moody, Jr. was tried and convicted of the mail bombing, Caylor believes that the entire bombing campaign against federal judges was to warn them away from convicting drug kingpins tied to the Iran-contra smuggling network.

Using airfields in Dothan and Fort Rucker, Alabama, Fuller's network ensured a steady stream of drugs from Colombia and the Dominican Republic to enter the United States. Then-Alabama Attorney General Siegelman became aware of these network after being elected in 1987 and he vowed a crackdown.

One of those involved in the Fuller network was Alabama's first GOP governor since Reconstruction Guy Hunt, elected along with Siegelman in 1987 but indicted in 1992 on corruption charges. Hunt was given a full pardon in 1998 by the Alabama Board of Pardon and Parole, another government entity infiltrated by Fuller's criminal syndicate. In 1996, GOP Governor Riley was asked to appoint Hunt as his special counselor.

Fuller's inherited criminal network included one money laundering operation disguised as a mobile phone firm, STN, which physically operated out of Dothan. Cassady Fuller & Marsh was Fuller's law firm in Enterprise. Most of Fuller's enterprises maintained their "DBA" (do business as) addresses in Enterprise. Another Fuller company, German Imports, was also a money laundering operation.

Caylor also provided Siegelman of evidence that ES&S voting machine firm had rigged a number of state elections in Alabama, all of which had favored Republican candidates. Caylor believes that Rove was involved in overseeing the electoral malfeasance in Alabama and, as we now know from Jill Simpson, Rove was also involved in ordering the prosecution of Siegelman. Caylor believes that the brutal bludgeoning death of his 78-year old mother last year was a signal for him to cease and desist in his investigation of top Alabama Republicans, including Fuller. Alabama and federal law enforcement authorities, including the FBI, continue to refuse to investigate what amounts to the political murder of the mother of the longtime Gulf Coast investigative reporter.

Doss Aviation was recently sanctioned by the Federal Communications Commission for a FCC license violation:

Adopted:  May 11, 2007    Released:  May 15, 2007

   By the Chief, Spectrum Enforcement Division, Enforcement Bureau:

   I.  introduction

    1. In this Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture, we find Doss
       Aviation Inc. ("Doss"), former licensee of Private Land Mobile Radio
       Service ("PLMRS") station WPPZ915, in Corpus Christi, Texas,
       apparently liable for a forfeiture in the amount of five thousand, two
       hundred dollars ($5,200) for apparent willful and repeated violation
       of Section 301 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, ("Act")
       and Sections 1.903(a) and 1.949(a) of the Commission's Rules
       ("Rules"). The noted apparent violations involve Doss' operation of a
       PLMRS station without Commission authority and its failure to file a
       timely renewal application for the station.

The entire Siegelman affair is yet another case of the Justice Department being used by the Bush crime syndicate to seek retribution against its enemies.