By John Caylor

Bay County Florida Site of Aztec-Big Wheel landfill reported to be "Mob Burial Ground" by former company insiders - likely Source of U.S. Justice Dept. feud of revenge against prosecutors...


Two Days after Alabama Republican party attorney Jill Simpson testified behind closed doors to the House Judiciary Committee investigating Karl Rove and the President of the United States of plotting criminal prosecutions against political foes, Two United States Attorneys linked as witnesses in the corruption probe and quite possibly working on the same “Aztec Environmental” case implicating the President and his brother Jeb Bush are compromised – One Dead – One apparently framed.

Michael Edward Runyon, 54, Tampa, Florida was found dead of a gunshot wound “termed a suicide” at 6:AM, Monday September 17, 2007 on the back patio of his Valrico, Fl. home outside Tampa where he was Assistant United States Attorney since 1991 and headed a multi-agency securities fraud task force.

Runyon’s death was not reported in the local media until several days later on Friday September 21, 2007.

Runyon’s death would have been on the front page of any other major metropolitan newspaper due to his work on internationally famous criminal and complex money laundering cases, had it not been for apparent White House intervention. 

Runyon prosecuted some of the largest securities fraud cases and other financial/racketeering crimes that involved not only the BUSH Family, but also included the very intricate REFCO (Swiss/Austrian royalty) swindle, which has connections to WALLY HILLARD of 9/11 infamy, and very tight connections to a PRIVATE LOAN SEEKER in Chicago, MOHAMMED HUSSEIN MIRZA who was closely connected with the people indicted for the REFCO swindle.

Updated: September 27, 2007. Editor’s Note

 "A Hillsborough County, Florida Sheriff's Department employee speaking to Insider-Magazine.com on condition that they remain unidentified says the death investigation of Assistant United States Attorney Michael E. Runyon is open and active and there would be "NO FURTHER COMMENT" about the case until toxicology reports on Runyon’s dead body are back in approximately 6-8 weeks. 

According to Florida law and federal statues law enforcement agencies do not have to release any information to the media when an investigation is deemed active and on going.  In many instances authorities have been able to hide case facts and revelations for a period of years claiming there is an active investigation.

In Runyon’s death case the Sheriff’s department apparently did an about face from an earlier press release by press officer J.D. Callaway who told the St. Petersburg Times 5 days after discovery Runyon’s body that it was a suicide with a firearm.”

Internet and public records about Runyon started disappearing shortly after discovery of his dead body. Click for the Refco link 

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In August 2002, Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau personally thanked Runyon for his involvement in the famous Evergreen Security fraud case. Runyon who was deeply involved in criminal cases at the United States Attorneys office in Tampa was quite possibly involved in the complex Aztec Environmental – Big Wheel Recycling case along with federal prosecutor Roy Atchison of Pensacola, Florida who was recently arrested in Detroit allegedly seeking sex with a 5-year old child.

Both United States Attorneys were offed the same day - one with a gun - the other with sexually graphic and horrific allegations of pedophile against a child. Fox network News was the first media organization to promote Atchison's almost unbelievable arrest and over-told media circus story.


Atchison's name is on all the United States District Court paperwork in the Aztec - Big Wheel case which has long and documented tentacles from Tampa reaching President George Bush, his brother Jeb Bush and the Washington law firm of Greenburg Taurig which arranged for a federally seized "Florida construction debris landfill reported to be an organized crime burial ground" to be ushered back into the hands of criminals it was seized from.

"Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush above personally benefited from his association with Aztec Environmental - Bush apparently took campaign donations and free airplane rides from the mobbed up company in exchange for keeping state and federal regulators away from Aztec landfill and the companies criminal activities in toxic waste disposal business."

Insider-magazine.com has extensive first hand knowledge of the case and if Atchison were subpoenaed to testify before the House Judiciary Committee he could bring down the President and his bosses at Justice starting with his immediate supervisor Len Register who put Ted Bundy in the electric chair and U.S. Attorney Greg Miller who kept his job by closing the criminal investigation of Aztec and turning it into a civil debarment proceeding which reportedly cost the company almost $5 Billion in lost revenues. Miller May Be Next on Justice Department Assassination list!

The actions of Miller shown above gained the attention of the Washington Post this year when the Post reported that Miller's name came up on Karl Rove's U.S. Attorney firings list. Miller May Be Next on Justice Department Assassination list!

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Miller has repeatedly refused from May 2005 to be interviewed by Insider-Magazine.com on his actions in the Aztec case. In July 2005 Miller instructed Roy Atchison's supervisor Assistant United States Attorney Len Register to respond to Insider-Magazine.com on the Aztec case and the allegations the White House had ordered the criminal case closed.  

Register shown above has denied allegations that President Bush was involved in the decision to halt criminal proceedings in the Aztec case and proceed in civil disbarment. Register claimed personal responsibility for the act and stated the decision was appropriate based upon the evidence in a late night 45 minute telephone discussion with insider -Magazine.com editor John Caylor. Register needs to run and hide they will probably Kill HIM NEXT!

Federal law enforcement investigative documents obtained by Insider-Magazine.com contradict Register's statements and further, federal criminal investigators have repeatedly requested to no avail permission from their superiors to dig up the Bay County, Florida landfill which not long ago belonged to (GAC) Gulf Asphalt Contractors owned by Charles L. Hilton a top Republican fundraiser and his partner Alan Bense former Speaker of the Florida House. 

Charles L. Hilton shown above was co-owner of Florida landfill reported to be "Mob Burial Ground" - Hilton is a member of the Club for Growth in Washington, D.C. a Republican party slush fund that has contributed millions in illegal campaign donations to various state and national candidates including Democrats controlled by Republican Party such as Florida State Attorney Steve Meadows of the 14th Circuit.   In the early 1990's Hilton employed Santiago Iglesias (a relative of Columbian Drug Lord - Escobar as his hotel restaurant manager) Iglesias is serving a currently serving a 40-year term in federal prison for importing cocaine into the United States.  

"Former Florida House Speaker and New Jersey native Alan Bense was an owner of landfill refuted to be Mob Burial Ground - federal law enforcement agents sought and were denied permission to dig up... As Speaker of the Florida House Bense funneled millions into his road building partnership with Hilton in Gulf Asphalt Contractors"

Hilton and Bense sold the construction debris landfill to Big Wheel Recycling of Alabama and afterward the Alabama group was convicted in federal court of racketeering/money laundering charges resulting in the forfeiture. Gulf Aspahlt Contractors owned by Hilton and Bense have retained a continuing deeded interest in the landfill.

The Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) a Washington, D.C. based non-profit group has sought to have the United States EPA declare the landfill a Toxic Waste Clean-Up Site due to documentation showing the landfill is highly toxic and poses a threat to the environment. 

Atchison's arrest brings back memories of the Nixon White House when it reached out to burglarize the offices of Pentagon Papers author Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist to seek information to discredit the whistle-blower. Apparently, Atchison had a "secret fetish" and was a member of a group of sexually deviated adults who engage in Internet IM's with each other and have sex in baby diapers.

The group is known internationally as the "Adult Baby Diaper Lovers" persons who are prone to this behavior are not pedophiles and do not engage in sex with children according to experts in the field. Perhaps the most telling part of the FBI over-kill story against Atchison is the part about him caring for the child - changing- The Key Word is CHANGING Diapers.

From published news reports and indictments concerning Atchison he was apparently lured into an Internet chat and roped-a-doped into the sting and at no time did he approach anyone in Detroit about sex with a child. According to published reports he was arrested as he stepped off the airplane and the question looms as to why the FBI didn't complete the sting and let him contact the bogus woman who was going to let him have sex with her child?

"No self respecting law enforcement agency investigating crimes as heinous as pedophilia would be so incompetent as to ensnare commonplace adult fetishists by deliberately mistaking, distorting and criminally charging an adult with a harmless fetish between consenting adults into pedophilia.  Adult fetishists act out their fetishes, seeking consenting adults, quite openly on the Internet and otherwise. What was the law enforcement agency involved here intent on doing? Were they suckered(unwittingly or not) into creating a smokescreen to forestall revelations of investigations into crimes that could "bring down the House"? Was this yet another malicious witch hunt the kind of which we expect of  Karl Rove's of the world?

 The language and codes on the Myspace website purported to be that of Federal prosecutor Roy Atchison clearly indicate - to any self-respecting sex crime investigator -the site of an adult male who seeks to indulge in age-playing fetishes of "Adult Baby Diaper Lovers". . Technically known as infantilism or paraphilic infantilism, the "Adult Baby" desires to become--and indulges in the role-playing of--an infant or young child.

Not only do they dress and act like a baby, Adult Babies usually have a "mother" or "father" (and sometimes a teenage babysitter) to take care of them. The parent does everything for his/her baby that a parent of a "normal" baby would do--and yes, that includes changing diapers.

Clearly the exchanges between two AB/DL's can be misconstrued as pedophilia. In the case of a law enforcement agency, it is inconceivable they would misconstrue such, to the point a prima facie case could be made for conspiracy to perpetrate a professional hit. In the United States, there is a division among therapists as to the status of this particular fetish - some say age-playing is harmless, others say the underlying issues should be treated.

If Roy Atchison is indeed guilty of being an adult fetishist, he likely has to answer to his family and not the rest of the world. Though we may disdain mightily of such acts, it is none of our business.

That a law enforcement agency might have conducted a recklessly ignorant and malicious investigation and charged an innocent man with pedophilia - splashing it as recklessly in the news - instead of knowing how to track down real pedophiles - is a matter not only for the highest law enforcement scrutiny, but for parents of missing and exploited children everywhere.

It is likely criminally negligent of investigators who (one would hope)know what they are doing, to deliberately ensnare an adult involved with "age-playing" acts with another adult with the act of pedophilia. It is a disservice to small children who are actually being raped and killed.

Most notorious of all are the heinous acts - the torture and murder of young girls across the border from El Paso in Cuidad Juarez' House of Death - where investigators' links back to high political elements in Mexico and the USA have been constantly stymied, most recently by U S Attorney for the Western District of Texas, Johnny Sutton, a George Bush appointee. The most disturbing reports from one particular investigator - who has been threatened with death - involve "the juniors" in Mexico and the USA. 

 In the Atchison case the FBI has promoted a media circus releasing graphically-sexual and inflamatory content that smells of "smear campaign" the documents from the Aztec case give important clues to their motive and intent.



      Organized Crime Ties to Middle East

The “Aztec – Big Wheel” case involved a now defunct and recently debarred multi-state waste firm based in Panama City, Florida which had U.S. government contracts for abatement and disposal of deadly asbestos from military installations.

The officers of the firm included Florida’s top Republicans Randall McElheney and William Harrison, Jr.

Randall McElheney shown above is a top Florida Republican and former owner of Aztec Environmental - Big Wheel Recyclers - who is also current chairman of North West Florida Transportation Corridor Authority a self-regulating government agency set up by Jeb Bush that is earmarked for $5 Billion in tax revenues eating the lions share of Florida's future roadbuilding funds.

Harrison shown above is a White House transition team member and lobbyist for the St. Joe Company, Florida’s largest landowner who acquired 50 percent of the Codina Group; a firm owned by Armando Codina a reported former CIA asset who is a business partner to Jeb Bush. Bush receives his 401-K retirement pension from the Codina Group. Condina and Bush jointly held contracts with the communist Chinese government for space satellite communications during the 1980's.

Among criminal acts the government accused the firm of smuggling illegal aliens onto top-secret U.S. Air Force bases with nuclear weapons, in particular McDill AFB at Tampa and Hurlburt Field a top-secret black-ops base in the Florida panhandle.

Former employees interviewed by federal agents and Insider-Magazine.com told a story of how Aztec president Jimmy Livingston reportedly made trips to Honduras and other Central American countries to smuggle illegal aliens into the United States.

The employees stated “Mexicans and possibly some Pakistanis with Spanish surnames and passports” were forced to work without required protective gear on government contracts in the disposal of asbestos and other toxic wastes.

They reported the suspected Pakistanis were the first to quit work and leave for unknown destinations once smuggled onto top-secret military bases.

In February 2004 U.S. Homeland Security, FBI, EPA and U.S. Customs ICE raided the firms office and seized records after it suspected Al-Qaeda operatives were being smuggled onto the bases.

United States government investigative reports obtained by Insider-Magazine.com with the help of the (PEER) The National Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility and other records detail how illegal aliens were smuggled onto military bases – and then Florida Governor Jeb Bush was accepting bribes and political donations giving protection for the firms criminal activities.

Both federal prosecutors apparently stepped into an explosive and deadly political case in the forfeiture of the Aztec-Big Wheel case and it remains to be seen how the true facts will play out in the days and weeks to come as Insider-Magazine.com investigates and uncovers the events surrounding Roy Atchison's arrest and death under suicide watch at a federal prison and the death of Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Runyon.



More to come after Roy's funeral