United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions Protected Child Sex-Narcotics Importation Empire  


                                                                                        Copyright @ January 20, 2017

                                                                BY: Investigative Journalist John Burt Caylor – Insider-magazine.com/ news-alabama.com

                                                                                                    From Alliance of Shadow Men





Espionage Rings are run to engage and groom young spies to sabotage their own governments in this case the Russian KGB was behind the plan that wrecked America and then Greed took over…

         During October 1981 I was violently kidnapped at gunpoint while working undercover posing as the right-hand man to Lorenzo “Lowe” Smith, dubbed “Godfather of Saint Andrews” Florida and his gangster brother and partner “Thomas Smith” of Dothan, Alabama.

After discovering “Godfather Lowe Smith in a sexual relationship with the teenage daughter of Panama City FBI field special agent John Spring” it was too much to handle. Miss Spring who barely from her teens was then 40 years junior, to Lowe Smith in his late 60’s later married Lowe.  That same month I was exposed and ejected at gunpoint during a Mafia-sit-down meeting with “Santos Trafficante” present-at the Foxfire restaurant on Highway 98 in Panama City. The Foxfire owned by Lowe Smith had been constructed to be surveillance proof from eases dropping mikes and devices.

MAFIA BOSS Lorenzo Smith dubbed Godfather of Saint Andrews married FBI Supervisor’s young daughter in 1980’s.



Lowe Smith and his brother Thomas attended the funeral of Mafia associate Santos Trafficante above at Tampa on March 18, 1987.



Apparently while I was on the payroll of their Toyota dealerships I had been seen secretly going through Smith’s office files where I discovered the narcotics smuggling network’s information and “hot-pick-up-phones on Big Pine Key” near Key Marathon, FL and other U.S. locations.

After 3 horrifying days and endless nights of captivity I finally escaped their armed guard “Spike Johnson” fresh from Huntsville, Texas State Prison by knocking him out. I took my car back and fled-out-of-state until found by Alabama FBI agents looking for me. They used Captain Gene Stokes of the Dothan Police Department to find me and tell me my BATF Treasury case agent Bobby Sides had apparently been murdered and they figured I might be next.

TRUMP’S “Hate-Filled-Pledge to America”


The ring exists today and has been fostered and funded with endemic-on-going high level espionage, state and federal government protection in the name of national security.  It is the network responsible for putting “Fascist Donald Trump” in office as President of the United States. It must be removed and not allowed to take control - otherwise America will go the way of Nazi Germany.

You don’t give thugs a second shot at killing you or your family otherwise you can share in the collective guilt when the nation is destroyed. Adolph Hitler gave Germans a boost until they found out they had been lied to and their newfound prosperity was from wholesale murder of fellow Europeans and dissenters.

The Network has seized control of American democracy and its membership consists of industrialists of the United States Military Industrial Complex that we were warned about by both Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Kennedy was assassinated by the network using FBI/CIA/DIA intelligence agencies and their Mafia operatives.

Trump will now be forced to make public his IRS tax returns – the question of law is – can a sitting U.S. President be criminally prosecuted for income tax evasion? I doubt it if the United States is at War…


WWII General-President Eisenhower was often quoted warning “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron.”


The Panama City 1981- sit-down, with other Mafia players, cost the life of my U.S. BATF case agent Bobby Sides and damn near got me killed as Devant Burge was sent to shoot me with a double-barrel 12 gauge shot gun he stuck into my gut in early December 1981 when he found me hiding. Luckily, Devant Burge had taken a liking to me during my time with the Smith Brothers and later “gave me a death bed-confession” about how he shot-gunned and murdered others commanded by Lowe and Tom Smith who were present when the victims were Murdered.

One of those persons was murdered at a ranch the Smith Brother’s owned at Marianna, Florida.

Devant Burge had become trapped into the network and was also the founder of many of its fronts and business entities, bars and lounges and wanted out but that meant his own death. 

Myself fearing further FBI and D.E.A. infiltration of our government’s law enforcement agencies dug deep into the network, I don’t trust anyone.  I am now seeking protection from the same United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida which has aided and abetted the network since the 1970’s.

FBI Special Agent John Spring, Smith’s father-in-law was soon appointed Regional Supervisory head of the Jacksonville, Florida, FBI office in North Florida to Montgomery, Alabama, protecting the “Key Marathon Centennial Bank drug smuggling operation”, now based at Conway, Arkansas since 1978. After agent Spring left Jacksonville the same FBI Regional command post has been occupied by successive top agents compromised-or-groomed to protect drug-arms-smuggling kiddie-porn network that has brought Trump and the network to complete power. 

Approximately 10 years later after the 1981 episode, FBI Special Agent George Carr, of the FBI’s International Child Exploitation and Pedophile Task force is now lurking somewhere between Simi Valley, CA and Mobile, Alabama. George has apparently been on the job since the early 90’s at Pensacola, Florida now the regional hub after complete infiltration of law enforcement by gangster Sheriffs and law enforcement personnel staffing the network.

Was the FBI facilitating the network making it grow, were they covering-up the network or hard at work exposing and prosecuting the players? During those days George Carr had a single practice law office at the downtown Pensacola Marina. George sued Ronald and Heather Samuels in Escambia court for failure to pay the bill for rental of a waterfront party home they used for a private reception.

Samuels is a major Mafia player in the United States whom I have linked to Florida Judge Keith Brace. I know Brace to be connected to the CIA covering up public records, court papers and child adoptions. I’ve had plenty experience investigating Brace and his ties to Israel and cocaine running individuals.

In 1990, Judge Keith Brace hid the original public Death Certificate Record of the CIA’s Bub Petty in his office safe after he erased records on courthouse computers. Brace also handled child adoptions for Ron Samuels and Michael Haveard a retired Escambia County School Resource Deputy Sheriff who loves children and is a respected member of the Little League Community according to his Facebook page. 

But, Ron Samuels is a bad ass Jewish mobster, former Pensacola Toyota dealership owner, major United States and Mexican cocaine trafficker who apparently, according to court records, likes children in pairs or twins as he appears in hidden court records to have rivaled George Washington as Father of our country, sleeping here and there and producing many illegitimate offspring – or were they all his? 

Samuels fled the United States after being charged with murder for hire. During the early 90’s Samuels and now ex-wife Heather Grossman apparently were under investigation by the FBI when young attorney George Carr came knocking with his civil lawsuit papers. George was shocked I knew about his Pensacola Marina office and Ron Samuels.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office has often been reported to be a Mobbed-up law enforcement Agency like other Panhandle law enforcement agencies.  Escambia is commanded by Republican Sheriff David Morgan a “Want to-Be Banana Republic General” complete with 4-Battle Star’s on Both Shoulder’s.

Sheriff Morgan flaunts, dismisses and frustrates compliance with Florida Chapter 119, the Sunshine Law, and has turned (119) into a Valley of Darkness.  After traveling to General Morgan’s public records department to obtain personnel records for the 3rd Michael Haveard of my investigation, I finally gave up in disgust and I ran out of gas.

The $60,000 question was, “will the real Michael Haveard stand up? Digging deep, profiling, endless weeks of computer searches ready to smash the damn computer and destroy it all I decided to stake them out. Each lived less than 15 miles of the other in the Pensacola, Milton and Brewton area.

Top: Heather and Ron Samuels in happier days at Tiger Point Home  

Bottom: Heather Grossman a wheelchair bound woman since failed hit.

By 1993 Ron and Heather split and in September 1997, a partner at Pensacola Law firm, Kerrigan, Estess, Rankin, McLeod and Thompson recommended Samuels hire Hugh Estes, a 50-year-old cocaine addict, for a mere $5,000 to arrange for the double murder of Heather and new hubby John Grossman deceased son of NFL’s Minnesota Vikings Owner. Samuels bit that juicy apple his hit man men did serious damage and he fled to Mexico where he paid police to keep him safe with his millions in cocaine cash.

Playboy Ronald Samuels above housed at Club Fed, South Florida Reception Center not far from Miami Beach The link below is an accurate portrayal of Samuels murder for hire conspiracy case.


I was introduced to George Carr after he contacted me by telephone while I was living in Virginia the latter part of 2013. In Virginia, I was renting a room in the Fredericksburg home of Robert Morton’s ex-wife. Morton who is the head of the FBI’s Behavior Analysis Unit at Quantico and I have never spoken. I do not work for the FBI, but have had an off-and-on-again odd “quid-pro-quo” journalistic relationship since 1969, excluding an undercover stint in the VANPAC mail bomb murder case of 11th Circuit Federal Appeals Court judge Robert Vance in December 1989 which they have admitted.

Since then I have acquired much experience about integral workings of courts in the United States and once ran for Clerk of Court at Bay County, Florida just so I could audit the books associated with the network which has used Bay County for elaborate scams profiteering from burning toxic-waste .  

Since 2003, I have traveled the United States on both Coast’s extensively in pursuit of this story after being lured into it, poisoned, twice-intended-target of murder-for-hire and firebombing acts, held in solitary confinement for 3 months, jailed on made up charges for 8 months at the border of Washington State and Canada without one phone call during 2011-12. 

At the border my computers were seized and kept with a large part of my information and documents I believe were stolen by Republican U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert’s Veterans Affairs man “Ward Munn”.

Ward Munn is a former Marine and good friend to George Bush. Munn was a CIA/DIA point man of Operation Phoenix in Vietnam and my next door neighbor at Blaine, Washington in 2011.

 Operation Phoenix was a DIA/CIA massacre-operation, not unlike Nazi Germany style where men, women and children were rounded up by thousands, anyone remotely suspected of collaborating with the V.C. (Vietcong) were shot in the head.

The program was in operation between 1965 and 1972, and similar efforts existed both before and after that period. By 1972, Phoenix operatives had neutralized 81,740 suspected V.C. operatives, informants and supporters, of whom between 26,000 and 41,000 were killed after being tortured.

I became convinced that Jewish-Jon Carroll-shown above, the former short order cook, of now-defunct Henrycountyreport.com who suddenly donned a cape and camera, to write stories about police corruption in Alabama, was the recipient of my stolen computer files from Reichert.  Israel has a long- history of bleeding America to death for handouts, backdoor embezzlement of taxpayer funds, selling drugs and blood-diamonds to fund its bankrupt society.

Carroll quit publishing in late 2015 amid his “false claims, thousands of Alabama blacks were framed for drug busts by police” made national news, backfired when he could not document those claims and fled to Canada. Carroll has recently re-emerged to write an “editorial opinion piece” this way he can’t be sued for libel as it’s just bullshit opinion.

Carrol’s new opinion articles “falsely accuse” Kathryn Bauman a New York resident with furnishing me stolen court documents I’ve published about the Mafia’s deep infiltration at the heart of the Mobile, Alabama federal court, where Mafia gangster members allied to Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are writing court opinions and spying. Bauman or no other person has supplied me with records I’ve used in my investigative series, Carroll is attempting to harass and have Bauman silenced.

   link http://news-alabama.com/ATF_Outlaws_report.pdf

Based upon substantial evidence Carroll appears to work for Israeli Intelligence agency Mossad, the network who imported Heroin and other narcotics into the United States using USAF pilots I first discovered in 1969 and wrote about in “Alliance of Shadow Men”. Israel financed 19 C-130’s stationed at Crestview and elsewhere to smuggle guns, munitions, out to Africa and other locations and drugs, kiddie porn and blood-diamonds into the United States.  

Below is an email I captured from Carroll who took a keen interest in in the “unsolved-double- murders” of J.B. Beasley and Tracie Hawlett in 1999 at Ozark, AL.

Both teenager girls were investigating Israel’s and the intelligence network were shot in the head execution style and dumped in the trunk of J.B’s Mazda on August 1st.

Jacqui Burgoon in the email above was J.B. Beasley’s baby sister whom Carroll controlled for almost 2 years watching her and keeping her from commenting publicly about her step-sister’s unsolved murder. 

I am convinced Jon Carroll was sent to derail and discredit any legitimate exposure of the Criminal Cabal run by the DIA/CIA/ISRAEL, trafficking in drugs, children, slave-labor and Grooming future candidates for public positions.

The self-professed Jewish (Israeli-mercenary) Jon Carroll’s uncle is the former federal magistrate at Montgomery who along with Jeff Session’s Lesbian federal judge Virginia Smith Granade, are the people who removed Alabama Supreme Court Chief Judge Roy Moore. Moore is a Christian and believes in God.

Granade is reportedly bi-sexual according to credible sources. She issued the Gay-Lesbian-Marriage ruling upheld by the United States Supreme Court.

Before I left on that trip out West in 2011, I was stripped of my homes and financial resources by the CIA using FBI supervisory agent James Stewart of the Pensacola, FL, office who was working for the CIA at the Bush White House in 2003 to undermine and destroy my investigation of the network.

Stewart’s pal was NCIS Director Dennis Becker at Pensacola who was second in command protecting the network. Dennis emailed me after my publication of April 2016 article “Alliance of Shadow Men”. 

Dennis recently retired and made friends with me on LinkedIn like other sources in this investigation. Dennis knew me after meeting him at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement offices in Panama City in the early 90’s.

For over 20 years I was curious what Dennis actually-did, it was a secret, then in 2016 after his retirement he was interested in exposing the network, specifically the Clinton’s role in the network and terrorism in my new book. Dennis wanted to setup a lunch meeting, but I handed him off to the FBI in Mobile.

But picture-this, the corruption is so deep and entrenched one day in 2005, I was alerted that 10 credit cards had suddenly been canceled due to unwarranted credit rating reviews. CountryWide Mortgage sent a certified letter calling in the mortgage even though there were no past dues, but mine and my co-publisher live-in girlfriend of 8 years, Debbie Van Court credit scores had been lowered to less than too low to rate.

Express Lane stores across North Florida seized and kept our just printed news-stand edition of Emerald Coast Insider magazine for 3 months in December 2003 costing Debbie and I a mere $79,000 loss. All-of-our advertisers were informed to never do business with us again or else suffer the consequences. We worked hard to sell the Panama City Beach home and made a $175,000 profit after paying the mortgage, only to find, no one in Florida and Alabama would sell us a home, we were blacklisted.  Debbie’s mother had to buy the home in Mobile since we were black-listed by realtors and Title companies. Here is the story letters and threats that brought “CIA and Bush White House Heat” click on this link for http://news-alabama.com/Bush_Aztec_Grandjury.pdf

The FBI agent sent in to conduct a Criminal Civil Rights investigation on my behalf was a CIA agent dispatched from the Bush White House to murder me and I believe based upon my extensive knowledge of communications that a “Comm: switch at NAS Pensacola, FL.” was used in the days before the murder of my mother. I heard that switch several times during the week before her murder it gives a Swoosh when implemented and the NSA, CIA have used that switch against me before in operations at Washington State and Ohio before.


Debbie Van Court - My Ex-Girl Friend of 8 years is a good woman the network tried to destroy.

After murder of my mother Nellie Ruth Caylor in 2006, Debbie began to drink and succumbed to chronic depression it was all too much for her, I left for Washington, D.C. Ohio and other places pursuing the brass ring of endemic corruption and this story.

Debbie begged me to stop, but I always been the guy who cuts off the head of the Snake,  I left so she would not be murdered by these dangerous people in early 2009 after the network sent an assassin tied sexually to federal Judge Ginny Granade .

Luckily since 2013, the FBI started publishing biographies with photos of all their supervisory personnel in each office. That info helped and I can say for sure the dwindling list no longer includes traitors allowed to leave with a pension. I’m mad as hell and so you know I have a personal investment that now goes beyond reporting after being forced into the story as a character, I hate it this is why there is no real investigative reporting in America. 

I look forward to quitting and going fishing but as luck would have it, I’m not finished with the Snake.

At my insistence, after being robbed, rolled, another unsuccessful attempt to kill me after getting 3 new Heart Stents at Fort Walton Beach in mid July 2016, FBI SAC Stewart of Pensacola was retired from the FBI of late, made Chief of Police of Hammond, LA retroactive pending approval of city commissioners. Stewart proudly boasts that he was a CIA agent like I always knew on his LinkedIn account.

Before Stewart went to the FBI and the CIA he was a NOPD dirty cop. He showed up in the middle of the 2003 Aztec-Big Wheel investigation in Florida where Jeb Bush and the Mafia were apparent business partners in a $5 billion asbestos abatement contract at United States military bases using illegal aliens. Many of the illegals were supplied with Spanish surnames and passports but some were from Pakistan and promptly disappeared when smuggled onto top secret U.S. Air Force bases. 

A federal criminal grand jury was convened to investigate the owners along with Jeb Bush and George Bush’s involvement, free airplane transportation, campaign contributions supplied to Jeb as Governor. I have the FBI files for this where our magazine is referred to as the source. The grand jury was shut down on orders from George Bush who threatened to fire U.S. Attorney Greg Miller who resigned. Assistant U.S. Attorney Roy Atchison handled the debarment from any further government contracts and seizure of the landfill, Roy was suicided the same week another U.S. Attorney from Tampa was suicided working the case in October 2007.

After officially meeting Stewart in person in February 2007 we both clashed after he issued demands and threats for me not to publish some materials and information I had retained in domestic terrorism acts and cases the FBI was behind. When we parted ways that day my website traffic fell from 123,000 page views per day to less than 500.  After switching hosting sites I regained my former readers who had been screened and filtered by a denial of service attack against Insider-magazine.com.

CIA/FBI Stewart hated me so much that he went on record derailing me as a person with Dixie Mafia lawyer from Gulfport Michael Gillion in writing to Mobile, Alabama Circuit Judge Charlie Graddick a former Republican Alabama Attorney General enemy of mine to take my family home at Enterprise, Alabama, 179 miles out of his jurisdiction. The bastards declared war on me.

Both Stewart, Garddick and Gillion conspired to take it for nothing, illegally placed a lien on the 5,000-square foot brick split level home for $3,200, I promptly paid the lien, and Graddick refused to give me satisfaction and put it in never-ending-mediation. Graddick openly threatened to jail me if I showed for a hearing in his court the same day I was to attend criminal court for disorderly conduct at Bay County, FL for a 2006 courthouse records request. 


Nazi Clerk of Court at Mobile refused to make copy of court records and I was escorted from

Mobile, Alabama Court House at Gun-point. Graddick is in charge of courthouse security.

Legal description of my 8,000 sg foot- over-hang and 5,000 Sq. foot heated and cooled Enterprise home. Deeded to me 2 years prior to my mother’s 2006 still unsolved blunt force trauma murder at the hands of the network who made a previous unsuccessful March 2000 attempt to murder her when nephew Byron Caylor was brought in by District Attorney Mark Fuller and the D.E.A. to investigate the 1999 murders of Beasley and Hawlett at Ozark outside his jurisdiction.

Mark Everett Fuller was later appointed a federal judge and given many CIA contracts as owner of Doss Aviation. Fuller who presided over and sentenced former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman to prison, in a railroad-trial was forced to resign the bench after beating his last wife at an Atlanta motel room in 2015. 

I could never get clear title to the home and lost it under a new law Republicans passed in Alabama allowing your property to be taken without due process of law under the 6th Amendment if you have it leased or rented. I was escorted to the door of Courthouse’s in both Mobile and Coffee County, Alabama in 2011 at gunpoint. Alabama is now in full bloom as a fascist state like the rest of the United States as people don’t know it yet they elected another Mafia man in Donald Trump.

Alabama also has passed new laws that infringe upon Free Speech and the press by making it a Misdemeanor to publish expunged criminal records of gangsters or engage in investigative journalism, I’m currently wanted in Alabama for publishing “True stories and facts” none of my work is libel, but the gangsters who came into office along with Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions and Ginny Granade “SEAL” the cases so the public remains ignorant.

Then there is the general public many normally reading at 5th grade level after being dumbed-down who like to think they are smart and will let the court’s decide what is unconstitutional – a favorite Marxist theory of Dialectic reasoning Marx, Engels, and Vladimir Lenin gave history where there are “no absolute truths”.

At this point I am convinced the rank and file members of the FBI are fed up with the never ending black-hole investigations of the past 3 decades and if they don’t act America’s future will be wrecked by people Groomed and placed into federal and state offices and law enforcement agencies.

While I was in Virginia I was contacted by a young woman from Southwest Alabama who purported to be the mother of Tony Thevis two small twin girls. She was furious after falling prey to and involved with Thevis and his handler step-father Martin Blank both of whom she suspected of money laundering and international criminal activities.

Struck with horror about the Atlanta Crime Family she had fallen in bed with she convinced me to look-into her allegations that included criminal collusion between Alabama’s court system, the Department of Human Resources (DHR) and law enforcement.  

Investigating further, her claims panned out and I turned her to the FBI task force whom she immediately rejected in part after their first meeting based upon her own well-based paranoia dealing with Alabama’s DHR, courts and law enforcement agencies.

George called and said they just couldn’t deal with this highly suspicious woman who told them “fuck off” after the Bureau wanted to bring in the Baldwin County, Alabama Sheriff’s office. She is a savvy, smart young lady whose family is well connected to other people with money and power so she was no country bumpkin out to make a quick buck.

She was smart enough to profile Sheriff Hoss Mack to me as being one of the good ole boys, who also owned dual watermelon farms and cow ranches in Alabama and Central Florida, trucking cows, watermelon’s and cow-shit back and forth. The “drug dogs hate smelling that shit”. This idea was a first used by Gangsters Lowe and Tom Smith when they had a ranch near Marianna, Florida in the late 70’s.

Like myself my source believed Hoss Mack was groomed for the sheriff’s job as he was former Captain of the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences Death Investigations, people in Alabama know they cover-up murders. I am convinced her sole intention was to retain custody of her precious twins and not let them become sexual predator victims.

Anthony Thevis shown above is my source’s father to her natural born twins tied up in Alabama legal proceedings over visitation and child support.

Thevis is son of deceased Michael George Thevis shown below who died in early 2014 while serving a term for murder in a North Carolina federal prison. The elder Mike Thevis operated from Atlanta with deep ties to the Dixie Mafia and was known as the King of Worldwide Kiddie Porn and Scarface of Porn.  Thevis and Larry Claxton Flynt, Jr. publisher of Hustler Magazine both openly promoted child sex as normal.


Thevis and Flynt were always one step ahead of the FBI due to the fact they had plenty of protection from law enforcement and members of Congress. In the 2007 time-frame Larry Flynt, Jr. for Hustler Magazine hired my former associate journalist and past co-author Wayne Madsen to fly to Southeast Asia to film United States Congressmen openly soliciting sex with young boys, it’s called sex tourism.

The secret and well protected program supplying pedophiles with images is being hosted by Defense Intelligence Agency and CIA computer servers in Northern Virginia, using Network Solutions servers the network hosts websites where pedophiles can troll their hearts desires for available children as-long-as they pay for a password.  Here is an email about this network written in 1999. http://news-alabama.com/DIA_Pedophile.pdf

During the summer of 2014 operating under an assigned “FBI complaint number”, I provided the FBI-HQ in D.C.  information concerning “Moorman Photography” located at St. Petersburg, FL where John Moorman’s son and members of his family appeared to being using their website to facilitate child porn sales and viewing through the DIA servers listed in the email.

John Moorman, Sr. was the go-through man for Mafia payoffs to corrupt law enforcement in the Southeast and I write about him later in this article. Moorman Photography changed their website after that but still requires a password to view certain child portraits a common profile for a pedo-website operation. It was quite-obvious the CIA-DIA work together and are spying on the FBI as I long suspected. I have personal knowledge of Moorman and his business associates involvement in Organized Crime.

The original pedo-network and drug distribution network was established by the Defense Intelligence Agency at Carins Army Airfield, Fort Rucker, Alabama, in the late 60’s when plastic body bags flown from Southeast Asia containing dead American soldiers were also laden with Heroin for sale and distribution on Americas streets by a network of teenagers supplied by juvenile courts in Alabama and it grew across America. In those years members would brag and laugh at the Blacks in Harlem going nuts over Blue Magic.

In 1983, I spurred the FBI in Montgomery to take out a big chunk of the network operating at Enterprise and Dothan, Alabama when my mother called me at my Panama City Beach computer company office and informed me she had just picked up her 13-year-old-niece Mimi, from the Dothan airport after a sheriff in South Carolina called and forced mother to take custody of her, Mimi’s parents refused to come and get her. 

Mimi was a victim trapped into the network being run by police along with other unsuspecting children, supplied drugs and made to work as a prostitute giving blowjobs to Enterprise City commissioners, cops and politicians after being supplied to them by a Madame named “Karen Hoard”, compliments of the juvenile court and State of Alabama.

In the early 80’s I briefly met Karen Hoard the Whore at Dothan Bar named Olearys’ where she purred and bragged about her then power days before her sending cousin Mimi off to work truck-stops the Mafia owned up and down the East Coast.

Because I dropped a dime on BATF/FBI and called in favors, Karen Hoard was later convicted in Alabama criminal court and was released from prison to spend her last days living in half-way house at Mobile, Alabama. Circuit Judge Gary McAliley picked up her properties and playgrounds and later became the District Attorney protecting the network after serving 20 years as Chief Circuit Judge.

Judge and District Attorney Gary McAliley above was a juvenile court judge at the start of his career

McAliley along with ‘Boots Love” picked up Karen Hoard’s properties to include Pathways, Inc. a drug and rehab camp near New Brockton for teenagers since sold to the CIA/DIA network now making millions.

Gary’s former Law Partner, Clifford Brown Wentworth at Enterprise and Miami briefly made the FBI’s Most Wanted List in 1980, when he fled the United States to Colombia after being indicted by a Pensacola, Florida federal grand Jury for importing $1 Billion in narcotics into the United States.  Cliff was put into the federal witness protection program and sold the network to Bush and company.

See his case here at this link http://news-alabama.com/Cliff_Complete_Case.pdf

The $1 Billion federal forfeiture of cash and assets was stolen with help of United States Marshal’s on-the-take and Judge Lynn Higby of Panama City, FL who got himself appointed a federal judge and resigned after just long enough to steal the money and property he shared with other network members Joe Chapman, Jimmy Barr – others who started People’s First Savings and Loan with most of that seizure and put the money in their pockets.  Chapman and Barr ran the Democratic Party machine in the Florida Panhandle.

The Dixie Mafia’s Hancock Bank and Centennial Bank from Little Rock (ADFA) and Florida Key Marathon have taken over People’s assets after being funded with continuous taxpayer bailouts. Centennial Bank took over and merged with Mariner Bank of Tampa recently and already the feds are looking at them for fraud.

The CEO of Centennial is former Chairman of Bill Clinton’s drug cash machine, Arkansas Development Finance Authority with a slush fund from Mena drug smuggling during CIA smuggler Barry Seal’s days, soon to play in Movie theatres “Mena” starring Tom Cruise which has been set back from release by one year due to the 2016 election. 

The United States Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation of America sued for Bank Fraud, current Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki, Joe Chapman, Barr and current Democratic party leaders taking part in the Third robbery and embezzlement of taxpayer and deposit funds. The United States BATF Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms has investigated the Outlaws Motorcycle Gang and local navy Seals involved in these illegal drug trafficking operations at Eglin and Hurlburt, AFB and issued the recent report … Click for the link here  http://news-alabama.com/ATF_Outlaws_report.pdf



http://news-alabama.com/Joe_FDIC_pdf Joe_FDIC.

The movie American Gangster starring Russell Crowe was in large part about this operation which also has deep hooks in Harlem, NY. The still operating network operates in a triangle corridor from Troy, Alabama – Jacksonville, FL – New Orleans, LA.

The pedophile network has a lake and hunting lodge at Troy, Alabama owned by Michael Zamperi of Mobile, Alabama and recently deceased convicted pedophile Travis Sanders of Troy and Destin, FL. The hunting lodge was frequented by Allen Sidney Johnson, Mike Cazalas Panama City News Herald editor and other present and current law enforcement officers for hunting 2-legged and 4-legged under age Deer until the hunting lodge was exposed by Derrick Ray Thompson hired to murder fellow members. Thompson fled and hid at the lodge after executing 3 of his associates in July 2014.

News Herald editor Mike Cazalas, let top favorite nightly pals at Outback Steak House in Panama City, FL with recently executed partner Frog Johnson. Cazalas is hiding behind camera in seat so he is not seen by me.

2nd top is Allen “Frog” Johnson, former Florida State Attorney investigator who ran all the Strip joints for the network and convicted child sex-offender pornographer – “Scott Amburg”, top left and right sits next to Frog Johnson at Outback steak House for nighty meetings.

Before he was victim of CIA Cleanup hit in July 2014 Allen “Frog” Johnson is seen with young Chinese girl who is either a victim or partner in the network.


Frog Johnson apparently delivered the children using his 10 seater-airplane shown above and below his last trip according-to-Flight-Aware was when

Johnson flew the airplane to Orlando and parked it near Brooksville, FL where his attorney Thomas Hogan, Jr. of Hogan Law operates.

Thomas Hogan, Jr. is shown above with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. Bondi dropped a criminal fraud prosecution lawsuit against President-elect Donald Trump and Trump University after getting a large donation from Trump. Hogan has long been the Mafia’s behind the scenes lawyer to pay-off-law enforcement. He is also a partner in business enterprises and land in the Virgin Islands with convicted pedophile Travis Lee Sanders.

In 1994, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Executive Investigations Division I was once active with, pulled-all-out-stops against me to stop my court disclosure of Hogan’s mafia network. The Judge William Frye of Pensacola issued a Gag-Seal-Order forbidding my disclosure of the protection network and the FDLE’s knowledge of it. No one has ever been prosecuted even though later FDLE director Guy Tunnel was a recipient of waterfront property in Washington County, Florida by members. 

Tristan Lee Sanders shown below reported to be the son of convicted pedophile Travis Lee Sanders of Destin and Troy, Alabama was recently charged with sexual acts with a child under twelve. Derrick Ray Thompson the CIA/DIA hit man worked for Travis Lee Sanders Hogan’s business partner.  Thompson was often flown to the Virgin Island’s with Sanders, Sr.  


Hogan was also attorney to recently deceased John T. Moorman owner of Sunburst Nudist Resort as well as Alamo Title Company. Alamo Title is the company used by the Mafia to reward top law enforcement officers with hidden land and money for their allegiance to the network.

Successful Defense Attorney Bennie Lazzara


In 1988 John T. Moorman attempted to funnel $72,000 through my business bank account to pay then Bay County Sheriff LaVelle Pitts’ legal criminal defense bills to Tampa Attorney Bennie Lazzara .  Bennie’s father was reportedly a member of Santos Trafficante’s crew until he was gunned down. Bennie was a good friend and associate to Judge Harry Coe formerly the State Attorney at Tampa where current Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi obtained her experience.


Judge Harry Coe shown above was reportedly in-deep pockets to a gambling addiction and reportedly committed suicide at a downtown Tampa underpass in 2000. Coe’s computer hard drive had been erased and the FDLE has fought desperately to portray Judge Coe’s death as a suicide since. I spent many hours with Judge Coe in 1992-93 when he was appointed by Governor Lawton Chiles to run a Bay County grand jury investigating police bribes and corruption dubbed “Cash Register Justice”. Harry didn’t kill himself…

Above corporate papers for Sparta, GA operation Sparta, GA is well known in the history of organized crime for drugs run by blacks also engaged in arson crimes to defraud insurance companies.


John T. Moorman from Las Vegas and Quincy, IL also had the largest soybean growing operation on the Mississippi River in the United States with 25,000 acres of soybeans. In 1995 after him and partner former Pasco County Sheriff John Short figured out I made them, they folded Alamo title into a new name.

In 1994 while a guest of Moorman at the Milton Nudist Resort, I was introduced to Alabama attorney David Jerome Harrison who shortly thereafter solicited from me landing sites the D.E.A. Drug Enforcement Agency was watching for air-drops. Harrison was a former Houston County, Alabama Sheriff’s deputy who went to Jones Law School at night and later worked with the U.S. Bureau of Prisons where he was personal prison counselor to Colombian drug lord Carlos Lehder Rivas. I turned Harrison in to my handler and he was investigated, prosecuted and convicted for 43 counts of conspiracy trafficking in Meth.

Here is Harrison’s narcotics criminal trafficking case that was hidden in Montgomery federal records by disgraced U.S. Judge Mark Fuller a member of the network with David Harrison –




Lehder Rivas was kidnapped by the United States and brought to America.
Rivas a former Chicago car thief had a way-stop island named “Norman’s Cay” the CIA took possession of to continue the drug smuggling.


The network is the unseen hand behind many unsolved execution style murder’s starting in the mid-seventies with Col. Bill McKenzie’s wife at Olympia Spa outside Dothan, Alabama. Col. McKenzie was reportedly involved with the DIA network and in charge of all-air traffic controllers at Carins Army Airfield. 

Then there was Sgt. Robert Jackson a narcotics officer with the Dothan Police Department in 1978, a contract hit reportedly paid for by Dothan automobile dealer W.D. Williams, according to his son Wykle Williams a former Dothan police officer.

Wykle recently related his visits to see Gene and wife Dimple Maddox, at their home in Blakely, GA on business for his father during the time period of the hit on Jackson. Gene Maddox was a Fort Rucker flight instructor and family friend of mine until an aircraft he was night flying became stuck in mud during a forced emergency landing at the Dothan airport. The airplane was laden with several hundred million dollars of cocaine in duffel bags during the late seventies or early 80’s. The exact date of that mishap is believed to have been deliberately concealed. 

Wykle’s father W.D. Williams was also a friend of mine. Williams apparently had deep ties to Bay County building contractor Mike Hobbs according to a confidential source whose young son was often flown with Hobbs in his private airplane to the Bahamas.

The teenager was later caught selling and distributing drugs at Bay County and my source was furnished with a new Cadillac by W.D. Williams after being told to visit him by local law enforcement to help her teenage son.

Hobbs was a long time business partner to James David Finch of Phoenix Environmental Construction and Phoenix Racing at Lynn Haven, Florida. Finch was a business partner of Allen “frog” Johnson in various strip clubs, bars and lounges in Alabama and the Florida panhandle until frog’s alleged execution style murder. 

One of those clubs was Stetson’s located in Springfield a part of Panama City and was seized by Centennial Bank for default of the mortgage to Eddie Ray Eanes another business partner who is president of the Outlaws Motorcycle gang of Bay County, Florida issued to now defunct Coastal Community Bank whose officers currently reside in federal prison.

During the early years of Stetson’s operation a long 18 wheeled tractor trailer rig was used in the parking lot set-up with sheets and beds to facilitate prostitution all under the watchful eye of Bay Sheriff’s deputies, I witnessed with my own eyes. 

Below are 2 autopsies and investigative reports of the Zackowski’s hit by Thompson at Milton, FL that fateful weekend in 2014.

Bay County Sheiff Frank McKeithen a pal of Johnson’s and protector-facilitator of the network immediately called a Press conference to deflect attention away  from the peddophile ring, calling Hit Man Derrick Ray Thompson Lone-Ranger “acts of a drugged-up crazed ex-buddy killer.”

The year before the CIA/DIA cleanup operation began authorities established various fake records to create confusion to the real Derrick Ray Thompson’s identity.  I believe this is why no other journalists have pursued the story but my investigation and interviews have revealed many factual and apparently manufactured facts in dispute to official versions.   

Hitman Derrick Ray Thompson Shown Above

Questions will sometimes get you killed and since State Attorney Glenn Hess is not providing Johnson’s autopsy…is he not dead?

Thompson immediately wanted to give his full confession to Troy, Alabama Police when captured to make the “hits-an-open and shut-case of drug-abuse” that means the fix-is-in”.

See Thompnson’s sworn depostiion by Troy, Alabama cops also involved protecting the network where the hunting lodge is located.


http://news-alabama.com/zackowski_Debra_Autopsy.pdf zackowski.pdf


The Investigative files are below in this link…from Milton, FL.


As for the revelance of these hits the word from “people in the know” was that Derrick Ray Thompson was paid $3,000 each hit and will be taken care of and vanish in the prison system now that the death penalty is off the table.  The Zackowski’s were involved with Frog Johnson, Derrick Ray Thompson and the “pill doctors” at the Mobile Pain center who were arrested by the DEA and are tied to Breeland Builders at Daphne, AL.

Breeland Bilders built and reportedly bankruted the Shores of Panama at Panama City Beach, FL. The office for that corportaion is located at   4706 18TH AVE BROOKLYN, NY and is a closed walk up reported to be leased or owned by the Russian Mafia. The office is not far from Brighton Beach, NY a haunt for Russian Mafia gangsters associated with Tennessee and Alabama drug networks at Daphne and Foley, Alabama.

Based upon credible evidence this is the same CIA-Russian-Mafia connection that pays off federal judges and politicians in the United States by rewarding them with property and land they never owned as I have alleged in Alliance of Dixie Mafia Shadow Men about Mobile federal judge Virginia Smith Granade.


Steve Zackowski’s– wife was a pain specialist with a Milton doctor.

The drug network and murders protected by (US Attorney General nominee) Senator Jeff Sessions, FISA Court Judge Roger Vinson and others  have never ended the only thing I’m missing is Allen Johnson’s autopsy report currently unavailable like Travis Sanders and Ken Lay’s of Enron. Maybe all three escaped to their island resorts. Fourteenth judicial Circuit State Attorney Glenn Hess refuses to release.

JB Beasley – Tracie Hawlett

On August 1, 1999 two Dothan teenagers related to the investigation were executed while a federal grand jury was sitting at Montgomery, Alabama hearing testimony of Mary Beth Lyman wife of USAF pilot Scott Lyman assigned to Collins Sign Company at Napier Field outside of Dothan where video masters of films and videotape masters flown from China, made their way to Movie Gallery headquartered at Dothan, apparently, where thousands of dubs were made for nationwide distribution of those little 6-13 year old Chinese girls often in school uniforms were filmed being raped, sodomized and made to perform sexual acts on older men.

ABI the Alabama Bureau of Investigation had possession of those pornographic child sex tapes (I’ve seen them with my own eyes from ABI) and Beth Lyman came home and found a 5.5 foot, Live Rattle Snake, in her Mailbox. Beth who has since changed her name and moved after being destroyed financially and emotionally was arrested by Dothan Police Department for Burglary at Dothan after she broke into her ex-husband’s apartment and downloaded approximately 350 child porn images from ex-husband Scott’s personal computer to use as evidence against the network, cops destroyed the photos after her arrest. 

Dothan Police didn’t give a damn about all that “kiddie porn” it was a federal crime of no concern to them but they wanted to kill Beth’s ass. Houston County Commission Chairman Whiddon, a Movie Gallery partner before it merged, was also a business partner to Joseph Burgoon in a golf driving range. Burgoon now a player in Panama (the country) was the ex-step father to J.B. Beasley about which the court order by the State of Alabama was issued by DHR removing J.B. from her mother before the night she was shot dead execution style and dumped in the trunk of her car with friend Tracie Hawlett.

J.B.’s state of Alabama DHR paperwork is shown here and front page of insider-magazine under the photo of the beautiful young lady in the long dress.


Tracie Hawlett’s deceased father a close friend to shot-gunned detective Sgt. Robert Jackson reportedly drowned under suspicious circumstances while fishing with another cop. Tarcie Hawlett and J.B. Beasley were investigating the Network when they were both executed. 

Back at Mobile a day before the latest hits in July 2014, George Carr’s last telephone conversation with me was when he gave me a heads-up telephone call advising me not to attempt to travel to the Mobile FBI office to meet the new incoming SAC that he would not talk with me and the FBI didn’t want me to try and contact them by telephone, I got the impression they had wind of something bad in the air. Then it started and I was on the hit list and can’t divulge how I know.  I will put this in stone until my next published installment if I am still breathing and a free man.

“America's children and teenagers who could be exploited for sexual performances and drug running have long been target’s of law enforcement to control local and national political leadership. In America both Republican and Democratic parties have used child-sex exploitation to control America’s leaders, appointed judges and law enforcement since the Vietnam War”.

The DIA and CIA are both running scared, the fact they started a clean-up operation of Ring Managers like the former Florida State Attorney Investigator Allen (Frog) Johnson and 2 others who ran the kids and strip joints in Alabama and Florida murdered execution style less than 1 day after George gave me a-heads-up is absolute proof.

The DIA’s program a fundraiser to fight covert wars and buy political influence for the United States Military-Industrial-Complex has been a smashing success establishing nationwide opioid dependence by the American public using children and teens to deliver their product made in Hell. Click on the link below the last line to get an insight into the network keeping cops on the payroll. A recent article by Tampa Bay Times clock the link below.

Click on the link below the last line to get an insight into the network keeping cops on the payroll. A recent article by Tampa Bay Times clock the link below



               John Caylor is the Editor/CEO of Insider-magazine.com, taken down by Alabama Court Order and FISA Court Judge Roger Vinson of Pensacola for exposing the CIA’s drug importation network.

My new site is “http;//news-alabama.com”.   I am an experienced criminal intelligence analyst, field investigator and photojournalist with approximately 30 years-experience. John has first-hand working knowledge of organized criminal operations and personally knows many of the players. Over the last 3 decades many corporate, government and criminal organizations merged into fascism in nations around the world and John has tracked and reported on many of these entities. His other areas of expertise include domestic terrorism, political corruption, bank fraud, corporate securities fraud, money laundering, narco-terrorism, murder and RICO civil and criminal conspiracy cases.